Tuesday, 29 November 2011

List of AS...AS Similes

simile meaning
as alike as two peas in a podidentical or nearly so
as bald as a cootcompletely bald
as big as a busvery big
as big as an elephantvery big
as black as a sweepcompletely black
as black as coalcompletely black
as black as pitchcompletely black
as blind as a batcompletely blind
as blind as a molecompletely blind
as bold as brassvery bold
as brave as a lionvery brave
as bright as a buttonvery bright
as bright as a new pinvery bright and shiny
as busy as a beaververy busy
as busy as a beevery busy
as busy as a cat on a hot tin roofvery busy
as calm as a millpondvery calm and still
as clear as a bellvery clear
as clean as a whistlevery clean
as clear as crystalvery clear
as clear as mudnot at all clear
as cold as icevery cold
as common as dirtvery common, rude, vulgar
as cool as a cucumbercool
as cunning as a foxcunning
as dead as a doornaildead
as dead as the dododead, extinct
as deaf as a postcompletely deaf
as different as chalk from cheesevery different
as drunk as a lordcompletely drunk
as dry as a bonevery dry
as dry as dustvery dry
as dull as dishwaterdull, boring
as easy as A.B.C.very easy
as easy as apple-pievery easy
as flat as a pancakecompletely flat
as free as a birdvery free to go anywhere
as fresh as a daisyvery fresh
as gentle as a lambvery gentle
as good as goldvery good and obedient
as happy as a larkvery happy
as hard as nailsvery tough in character
as hot as hellvery hot
as hungry as a bearvery hungry
as hungry as a wolfvery hungry
as innocent as a lambinnocent, not worldly-wise
as large as lifeconspicuously present
as light as a feathervery light
as light as airvery light
as mad as a hattercompletely crazy
as mad as a hornetvery angry
as nutty as a fruitcakecompletely crazy
as obstinate as a mulevery obstinate, stubborn
as old as the hillsvery, very old
as pale as deathvery pale or white in the face
as plain as dayvery clear
as poor as a church mousepoverty-stricken
as poor as dirtpoverty-stricken
as proud as a peacockvery proud
as pure as snowpure and innocent
as pure as the driven snowpure and innocent
as quick as a winkvery quick(ly)
as quick as lightningvery quick(ly)
as quick as silververy quick
as quiet as a church mousevery quiet
as safe as housesvery safe, secure
as scarce as hen's teethvery, very scarce
as sharp as a razorvery sharp
as sick as a dogvery sick
as sick as a parrotvery sick
as silent as the deadcompletely silent
as silent as the gravecompletely silent
as slippery as an eelslippery, evasive, not to be trustedof a person
as slow as a snailvery slow
as slow as a tortoisevery slow
as smooth as silkvery smooth
as snug as a bug in a rugin a very comfortable position
as sober as a judgesober
as solid as a rocksolid
as solid as the ground we stand onsolid
as sound as a bellvery clear
as sour as vinegarvery sour
as steady as a rockvery steady
as stiff as a boardcompletely stiff
as straight as an arrowstraight
as strong as an oxvery strong
as stubborn as a mulevery stubborn, obstinate
as sturdy as an oakvery strong and solid
as sure as death and taxesabsolutely certain to happen
as tall as a giraffevery tall
as thin as a rakevery thin
as timid as a rabbitvery timid
as tough as leathervery tough
as tough as nailsvery tough
as tough as old bootsvery tough
as welcome as a skunk at a lawn partynot welcome at all
as white as a ghostvery pale or white in the face
as white as a sheetpure white
as white as snowpure white
as wise as Solomonvery wise
as wise as an owlvery wise

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